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Advanced Clinical Aesthetics provides the most advanced, time proven and current skin care treatments.


Acne is one of the most common, damaging and challenging skin conditions for men and women of all ages. We provide result oriented treatments that meet the immediate and long term needs for those with acne and sensitive skin. These procedures are routinely provided in dermatology and plastic surgery offices delivering optimal results which can differ from spa like facials due to the medical grade products and advanced techniques which are typically unavailable to spas and salons.


Our skin care professionals offer a wide array of non-surgical anti-aging treatment options that address wrinkles, sun damage, scars, pigmentation problems, redness and loose skin. We recommend time-proven and sought after treatments that have been reviewed by clinical studies, efficacy and client satisfaction. Many of these treatments have been around for years because they continue to deliver unparalleled results.


As licensed aesthetician and micro-pigmentation specialist, Jennifer has provided clinical skincare for over 20 years. Her clinical capabilities include acne and rosacea treatments, anti-aging and sun damage therapies as well as improving pigment and capillary conditions.

Jennifer has written for San Diego Magazine and appreared on 20/20. Outside of the limelight she is the recipient of a book dedication for her contributions to a medical tattooing glossary and has worked with chemists to develop skin care products for well known dermatologists.


We know that you’re looking for results. Your skin is unique. It requires individualized treatments and skin care solutions to achieve your desired esthetic goals. Our highly specialized and seasoned clinical professionals administer a personalized skin care regimen in a private and comfortable atmosphere one client at a time.

If you don’t see what you want to see when you look in the mirror, call us for an appointment.


We feel confident in our ability to provide you with excellent results, but why just take our word for it? We have helped thousands of people look and feel better about themselves over the years and our clients are happy to share their feedback with you.