Just some of the nice things our clients have written about us

Jennifer Waring treats many of my patients with services above and beyond those which my office can provide. I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for several years. She is truly an amazing aesthetician. She is very well respected by her patients and her colleagues for her knowledge of the skin and her dedication to her patients. She has achieved excellent results for so many of my patients.

Vishakha Gigler, M.D

Comprehensive Dermatology Group

After almost 30 years of plucking, my eyebrows were in sad shape when I went to see Jennifer Waring at Advanced Clinical Aesthetics. I had hoped that tattooing them might make them a bit better. I was absolutely amazed at the results I got.

Not only did she tattoo my eyebrows in a way that looked natural and fit the structure of my face, but by using a product she endorsed I was able to grow back hair in sections of my eyebrow that I thought was gone for ever. I ended up with an outcome that far exceeded my expectations.

Jennifer also recommended skin care treatments and products that have evened out my skin tones, firmed up my skin and cleared up problem acne areas. Treatments at Advanced Clinical Aesthetics is now a part of my regular skin care routine.

Susan Klein

Jennifer Waring has been a constant in my facial skin care for many years.

Over the years our regime of treatments has changed — with my changing skin — but also because Jennifer is always learning the latest techniques. Not only has she consistently upgraded her personal training but also intelligently shops the latest equipment for her practice, intelligently choosing the most effective among the current options. Another notable feature of Jennifer’s talents is her ability to teach. I always leave her office newly informed and inspired to continue an upgraded skin care regime at home. Additionally, she always researches the latest skincare products for home use and only offers those that have proven effectiveness.

I would highly recommend Jennifer for anyone who wants to upgrade the quality of their anti-aging skin care. Her combination of expertise as well as a personal care for her clients always make visits to her office not only well worth the investment but also a pleasure.

Robin Search

When Jennifer Waring worked her magic on my skin, not only did people who see me every day notice and comment on how amazing my skin looked — a complete stranger was compelled to tell me that my skin looked beautiful! Her “electronic facelift” truly makes a visible difference even with the first treatment. Her knowledge and skill combined with the very latest technologies available have made her the respected and sought after expert that she is.

Damian Santonastaso

Since I have been seeing Jennifer Waring this past year, my skin has improved dramatically. I thought that breakouts were something everyone outgrew. After turning forty and still having this problem, I realized that this was not going to happen. By visiting Jennifer regularly, my breakouts are nearly non-existent and the texture, color, and quality of my skin feels and looks great.

Carrie Bishop